Amalia Ulman


Amalia Ulman
Amalia Ulman (1989, Argentina) lives and works between London (UK) and Gijon (SPN).  The main focus of her research are class differences and how they affect social interactions, emotions and human relations. Her work analyses social stratification, cultural capital, class imitation and seduction. Her aim is to scrutinise matters such as hierarchies, power relations, charity and empathy. She graduated from the Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design (London) in 2011. Recent exhibitions include solo shows Savings & Shelves at Headquarters (Zurich), Overcome Cleanse at Galeria Adriana Suarez (Spain) and  duo show Profit | Decay at Arcadia Missa (London). She is currently curating the second edition of the project MAWU-LISA.



Amalia Ulman ON THE 89+ GENERATION

“My generation became adults in times of recession, to be confronted with debt even before spending, encouraged to save and not to invest. In some cases descending from Gen X-ers, we have a more global approach to politics and a smaller mental-mapping, being highly connected and relying on social platforms for interaction with others.”